Where are the Recovery Baths manufactured?
All our Recovery Baths are Australian-made, at a specialist factory in Victoria.
What are the Recovery Baths made from?
The Recovery Baths are manufactured using high-quality polyethylene plastic.
Do you deliver to locations outside of Australia?

At this stage we are able to deliver outside of Australia only if specific arrangements have been made with Pride on the Line directly.

To enquire about overseas shipping, please email Pride on the Line at info@prideontheline.com.au or call 1300 305 006.

Can I choose my own colour?
Yes, there are 12 colours to choose from. Simply click on the colour option you like, when ordering through the online shop.
Can I pick two different coloured tubs when buying the Recovery Bath Duo model online?
Not online. However, you can select different colours by prior arrangement with Pride on the Line.
What does the 'Upload logo' option mean?

The upload logo option lets you have a personalised logo digitally printed and then applied to your recovery bath. This could be your club logo or even a sponsor’s logo.

You will receive two printed images of your logo per order. For the Recovery Bath Compact this includes one on the back and one on the front of the bath. For the Recovery Bath Duo model this includes one on each tub.

What type of file do you need for the 'Upload logo' option?

To ensure the highest quality print result for your team logo sticker, good quality artwork, for high resolution printing must be supplied. Please follow these specifications:
• Size: to fit 500mm x 500mm (at 100% size).
• File Formats accepted: PDF, EPS, Illustrator, PhotoShop, TIFF & JPEG (must be High Resolution).
• Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher files can not be accepted.
• GIF, PNG and Low Resolution JPEG files can not be accepted (any files grabbed from a webpage can also not be accepted).
• Resolution: minimum: 200dpi at 100% size – maximum: 300dpi at 100% size.
• Colour: preferably CMYK (RGB also accepted).
• Image Compression: files should be saved to ‘Best Quality’ NOT ‘Lowest File Size’.
• File Size: Up to 10mb (if saved as a TIFF or JPEG).
• ‘Vector’ file formats should also include a ‘Clipping Path’ around the text and symbol of your logo.

If you need any futher assistance in the preparation of your logo file, please contact us: info@prideontheline.com.au or call 1300 305 006.

What if I don't have the logo available for upload at the time of ordering?
No problem. You will have to contact us to email logo. PLEASE NOTE, that this will delay processing of your order until such time as the logo is received.
Do you deliver to Tasmania?
Yes of course though the shipping cost will be more expensive than the mainland.
Why isn't my postcode working in the freight calculator?

If your postcode is a three rather than four digit number, then you must insert a zero in front of the three-digit postcode. For example 870 becomes 0870.

If this doesn’t apply to your postcode, and you are still having trouble, please email Pride on the Line at info@prideontheline.com.au or call 1300 305 006.