One of the most rewarding things about being a part of Pride on the Line is having the opportunity to interact with some amazing athletes.  I’ve noticed that a common thread in all of the conversations that I have with them is the genuine sense of enthusiasm and the desire for improvement.  For the most part, conversations with members of the general public who are unfamiliar with the practices of cold or contrast water therapy and therefore don’t understand the necessity for ice baths, are often filled with many questions and the desire to learn more.

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Athletes are well versed and educated in the ice bath concept and strive to find ways to improve in all elements of their regime, whether it be preparation, performance or recovery.  Many of them will have undertaken cold or contrast water therapy in makeshift products, even at the elite level, and are seeking a more appropriate ice bath solution for themselves or for their club.  The range of questions in these instances refer more to the functionality of the products as the knowledge of the benefits and advantages is already present.

There is an innate desire by many athletes and many great initiatives run by clubs, which provide education to young, aspiring athletes and introduce them to professional processes.  This allows them to not only obtain a better understanding of what it takes to make it to the top but also introduces them to new practices which, even at a young age, they are able to incorporate into their own schedules.

Pride on the Line was fortunate enough recently to be involved with Erin Bell Netball, a great athlete initiative which allows Erin to share her netballing experience and pass on some knowledge to young, aspiring netballers.  Erin’s journey has seen her win 3 Domestic Championships in Australia and has also taken her to the World Championships which have all put her in great stead to provide insightful knowledge and education to the next generation of athletes.

Erin had the opportunity to utilise the Pride on the Line Recovery Bath Duo throughout season 2016 and felt that the ice bath was an important aspect of her recovery that she wanted to share with her young protégés.  As a result, at the end of a hard day of training, the young clinic attendees had the opportunity to at least dip their toes in the icy cold water to get a taste of what the professionals go through on a very regular basis.

Take the time to view the clip of Erin having a chat with some of the young, aspiring athletes and hearing their thoughts about their ice bath experience.