There are numerous benefits associated with living in a consistently evolving world of technology.  There are the obvious advances in science, including medicine and sport and there are the advances in communication which allow all parts of the globe to be accessed at the click of a button.  It’s this type of accessibility that has revolutionised the business world and allowed for the expansive use of collaborations and cross-promotions.  The power of working together ultimately allows for consumers to obtain superior products through the power of fusion and supports the old adage that two heads are better than one.

The Pride on the Line team are particularly passionate about providing products and recovery Ice bath solutions which will ultimately allow the consumer, the athlete, to have a world class ice bath recovery experience regardless of the level of sport they’re in or their financial capacity.  For many, acquiring an ice bath for themselves or their club is a significant investment in their recovery both from a physiological and financial perspective.  These individuals or groups understand the significance of recovery and take the necessary steps to ensure that they are utilising purpose-built and safe equipment.

Introducing chilling and heating unit capacity that works with Ice baths

Ice bath recoveryHowever, there is a necessity to cater for the entire spectrum of consumers ice bath needs, including those who want a superior ice baths quality experience with maximum convenience with fewer budget restrictions.  This ultimately led to the introduction of chilling/heating unit compatibility with ice baths and a significant collaboration with iCool Sport.  Superior units mean superior cooling and heating capacity and ultimately a world class ice baths recovery solution and a huge win for athletes that are recovery in safe ice bath environment.  Whether in a change room or off site, this ice bath setup can be easily assembled and disassembled in a portable setting or can be conveniently left in assembled form for an extended period of time. Of particular significance is the development of the iCool Twin unit ice baths which provides, for the first time, the capacity to operate two ice baths at the same time from a single unit.  Further to this is the ability of the unit to heat OR cool either ice baths or tub allowing for either cold or contrast water therapy when used in conjunction with the Pride on the Line Recovery ice bath Duo.  Again, the end result of combining these two products is the ability to maximise the athlete recovery experience.

Ice Bath Collaboration: Working with like-minded brands

Keeping in line with working with like-minded brands that have a solid focus on athlete safe ice bath recovery systems, Pride on the Line who are legend in safe ice bath recovery systems have relished the opportunity to work alongside Body Science in a number of different capacities.  Athletes in Western Australia in particular have had the opportunity to recover in “Recovery Hub” environments and would have enjoyed an ice bath in BSc branded Pride on the Line Recovery ice baths.  This provides a great opportunity to bring awareness to a number of important factors including the recognition of the importance of cold water therapy along with which, the Recovery ice baths provide a significantly large canvas on which to display company branding, providing a unique brand-activation opportunity.

The unique and large branding canvas also provides a great opportunity for co-branding with the Pride on the Line Recovery ice bath Duo in particular allowing for the showcasing of a large logo on each of its two ice bath tubs.  An example of this was seen in a BSc and Pride on the Line co-branded Recovery ice bath Duo which was utilized by the Gold Coast Titans of Australia’s National Rugby League.

Ice bath Collaboration at all levels

ice bath recoveryProviding logo branding as a standard feature on all of the Pride on the Line Recovery ice baths essentially introduces a collaboration between the brand and all of its consumers, with each ice bath uniquely completed to reflect individual choice or club patriotism.  In many instances club and sponsors combine to add another layer to the cross-promotional opportunity that the Recovery ice baths provide.  Whether on a local, regional or global scale, each Recovery ice bath is as important as the other because every consumer deserves to obtain the best possible outcome.

There is an acute awareness that athletes are often part of an existing collaboration or relationship with one or many sponsors which provides an ideal opportunity again for multi-branding of the Pride on the Line Recovery ice baths.  Not only does this allow for the acknowledgement of important sponsorship ties but it also provides a unique advertising platform, particularly though social media channels.  The ice baths are often placed at track-side or pitch-side locations, providing a creative alternative to sponsorship boards and signage.

The end result in all instances is working together to provide the consumer with exactly what they require and to quote Henry Ford:

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

You can be assured that Pride on the Line is consistently evolving and developing in order to provide the ultimate athlete ice bath recovery experience.  We listen to our consumers and ensure that the products that we create are innovative, smart and on point and that we keep our athletes game day ready week in and week out.