Customized Ice Baths For Safe Recovery

You might be wondering where to go to find a suitable ice bath solution for yourself or your club.  When you think about purchasing an ice bath, would you consider a local store and if so which one?  There may be an occasional sporting goods store offering your choice as part of their range but for the most part, in order to find the most suitable, safe and durable ice bath, an online search is particularly helpful.

Some points to consider when searching for a portable ice bath, how many athletes need to be accommodated, space allocation and ease of setup.  Of course, in addition to these considerations, you also need to be mindful of budget.  Once you have assessed all of the criteria, you’re able to make a more informed decision on the type of ice bath that is most suitable for you.

Available Options for our Ice baths

The available options to date have ranged from inflatable, retractable or plunge style ice baths and now, Pride on the Line have added the very versatile Recovery Bath Compact and Duo to the mix.  Now, when you’re seeking the bust buy, you are able to purchase an option that is not only portable but is just as comfortably a long-term, stand-alone solution.  With copious amounts of room, the Recovery Bath Compact and Duo are able to accommodate up to three or six athletes respectively.

In addition to the features which make the Recovery Baths so effective for cold or contrast water therapy, the ice baths are also available in 12 color options and customized logo branding making them the ideal branded recovery solution and ending your search for ice baths for sale. All our products are for sale in our newly opened Adelaide store. Athletes looking for the safest product, or semi athletes searching ice baths for sale online, and even casual sporting personalities should drop by our Adelaide store for our all new design. Our products comes in many colors, please refer to the list below for all our newly added customizable ice baths.

List of available colors of our newly designed Ice baths

  • Orange ice baths
  • Black ice baths
  • Blue ice baths
  • Pink ice baths
  • Yellow ice baths
  • Navy blue ice baths
  • Teal color ice baths
  • Light blue ice baths
  • Purple ice baths

Available packages for all our Ice baths on sale

Compact Cool Recovery Package
The ultimate portable recovery ice bath solution for up to 3 athletes includes:
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact lid
  • iCool Compact Cool Chiller unit


Compact Recovery Package
Premium portable recovery ice bath package for up to 3 athletes includes:
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Compact lid
Duo Recovery Package
This premium portable recovery ice bath solution for up to 6 athletes includes:
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo lids
Duo Twin Recovery Ice Bath Package
The ultimate portable recovery ice bath solution for up to 6 athletes includes:
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo
  • Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo lids
  • iCool Twin cooling/heating unit

Studio Actions for The New Ice Baths on Sale

We’ve been back in the studio this week and it’s provided a great opportunity, amongst other reasons, to “freshen up” our ice bath images.  The chance to see our ice baths take centre stage is always exciting and it allows us to gain an even greater appreciation for our products and what we have to offer athletes in terms of their ice bath recovery.

Ice bath for sale 

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words so it’s so important that our images depict real-life situations and show the consumer exactly how the baths can be configured and used.  For example, did you know that the Duo Pride on the Line ice bath is able to accommodate up to six athletes at a time?  Perhaps if you’ve had the opportunity to visit our gallery page you will have seen images to support this claim but perhaps you wouldn’t believe this to be true if you were simply looking at our home page images.  Once you have the opportunity to view our new and updated images there will be no doubt that you will be convinced that this is the reality as you will see that each of the Duo ice bath tubs has the capacity to support three athletes at a time.  Multiply this by its two tubs and suddenly you have six athletes recovering at once.

It may also cross your mind that there may even be room for one more athlete but we have to be mindful of the fact that we want athletes to maximise their ice bath recovery experience and the ratio of approximately 300kg and under of athletes versus around 450L will allow for effective ice bath recovery within our baths.

Each of the athletes that feature in our images are regular ice bath users and come from a variety of sporting backgrounds including football, beach volleyball, CrossFit and everyday fitness fanatics.  The common-link is that they are all recognise the benefits that ice baths are able to provide their bodies and how it assists them in backing up their training or match-days, week in and week out.

Ice baths For Sale: New Product Introduction For Our Ice Baths

Ice baths for saleWe are constantly evolving and staying ahead of the game ensuring that we have a clear understanding of what athletes want and need in terms of their ice bath needs.  We recognise the hugely important aspect of safety and consider all the possible scenarios when it comes to how and where our ice baths are stored.  As a result of this we have now expanded our range to include lids for both of our ice bath types.  After extensive research and investigation we concluded that the best and most appropriate solution for lids would be to use the same fabrication and manufacturing process as the ice baths themselves.  This ensures that they are both sturdy and secure and have the additional feature of being aesthetically pleasing.  They are available in any of the twelve colour options which we offer for the ice baths themselves which also ensures that the continuity of branding is maintained.  They also, very significantly, have the capacity to ensure that when contrast therapy is being utilised and the lid is applied, the warm temperature level is able to be maintained for extended periods of time.

Ice Bath For Sale: One Stop, Ice Bath Solutions

We cater for a huge variety of ice bath requirements with customers ranging from individual athletes through to elite clubs and corporations and everything in between, so we have the need to ensure that we are able to cater for all possible scenarios.  This necessity has brought about the introduction of packages which we will be launching in the coming weeks in order to provide our customers with one-stop-shop style ice bath solutions.

An important element of these packages is the introduction to our range of available products, the iCool chilling/heating units.  In combination with both our Compact and Duo ice baths, these units are able to provide an impressive portable or permanent ice bath solution without the necessity for the use of ice.  The iCool Compact Cool unit is a great fit for the Pride on the Line Recovery Bath Compact and, in combination with a custom lid, provides a complete, ice bath recovery solution for individual athletes and small teams alike.

In the case of the Pride on the Line Recovery Bath Duo, the iCool Twin unit is the ideal match, a combination which provides the added benefit of contrast water therapy with the capacity to either cool both tubs at the same time or heat one whilst cooling the other.  The available temperature range spans from 5 to 45 degrees Celsius ensuring that sufficiently high and low temperatures are achieved at both ends of the spectrum.  Again, in addition to the custom Duo lids which will be available soon, this provides a complete and next generation portable or permanent ice bath solution.

Our Ice Baths: High Performance Recovery Zones

Ice baths for sale 

As always, we continue to provide our twelve colour options along with customised logo branding to ensure that you are able to take your team colours or brand with you, wherever it is that you need them to be.  High Performance Sport New Zealand in combination with the New Zealand Olympic Committee have done precisely this and have been one of the first organisations to obtain a complete Pride on the Line/iCool Sport combination recovery zone.  New Zealand athletes competing at the Olympic Games in Rio have had the opportunity to utilise the Pride on the Line Recovery Bath Duo (including lids), in combination with the iCool Twin in a specially designed and designated recovery zone.  In preference to recovering in a communal area within the athlete village, they have opted to create their own zone to cater for the specific needs of their athletes and mimic, as closely as possible, the usual processes undertaken by athletes to aid with their recovery and preparatory processes.

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on a Pride on the Line ice bath or how we can assist you with creating a unique recovery environment, visit or email to find out more!