Ice bathSo you may be wondering what the Pride on the Line ice bath difference is?  What sets our Recovery Baths apart from other ice baths in the marketplace?  How did we come up with a unique concept and unique designs?  The answers to all of these queries are equally as important as the other and ultimately have allowed us to create an ice bath range which has been designed with the best interests of athletes in mind.  Add to this, extensive engineering, scientific and design research and testing and you can freely recover in the knowledge that you are in good hands in a Pride on the Line ice bath.

Let’s start at the beginning – the concept.  If you’re an athlete being forced to take an ice bath in a bin, a barrel or worse, the thought must cross your mind that there has to be a better way, a better and more appropriate option.  So you start to look into it but for whatever reason, you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for.  You need a product that can be housed in a change room long-term but you want to take it off site too; you’re tired of being squished into a small tub with someone else so you need more space; you don’t always feel like standing up after a gruelling session so you might like to sit down to take your ice bath once in a while or perhaps the water just sits in your bin and you have no idea how you’re going to drain it.  The list goes on and on.  Well, we were just like you – sitting in a bin and thinking that there has to be a better alternative.

But we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for so we decided to be proactive in creating the ideal solution.  With backgrounds in sport, medical science and manufacture we pooled our ideas together and promised ourselves that we were going to come up with a solution that ticked all of the boxes and then some.

Creating ideal ice bath solutions

ice bathThere were so many factors to consider but perhaps one of the most important was the obvious fact that no two bodies are the same and if we were going to cater for the masses we needed to ensure that our ice baths were suitable for each and every body type to allow for maximum comfort and gain.  It was this notion that led to the superior size and superior depth of our ice baths.  Measuring in at just a touch shy of 1.2metres in height, both the Recovery Bath Compact and the Recovery Bath Duo ensure that even the tallest of athletes are able to achieve waist height immersion in a standing position.  Tub lengths of 1.1metres and widths of 0.8meters allow for a significantly large vessel area in which to recover, allowing for the recovery of up to three athletes at a time.  The width itself was an important consideration in order to allow for the ice baths to be easily passed through standard Australian sized doorways.

We said that we wanted to cater for the masses so what if those particularly tall athletes preferred full body rather than only waist deep immersion but taking a squatting ice bath wasn’t an option?  Simple, we added an internal seat which doubles as a step, hence providing both a functional as well as safety feature.  Equipped with non-slip finishes, this feature extends to the exterior of both the Compact and Duo ice baths where entry is achieved via differing step mechanisms, allowing for safe and practical entry and exit of the ice baths.

Portable ice baths built tougher and stronger 

It’s often difficult to determine the rigidity of a product simply by looking at an image but we can tell you that the Pride on the Line ice baths were designed and have been built tough – water tank tough.  Extensive and detailed engineering analysis allowed for the achievement of maximum strength and capacity without compromising on size or shape nor the hydrostatic pressure obtained by the addition of water to the ice baths.  They’re double-walled ensuring that they’re solid and there’s no risk of deflection with an athlete weight capacity of 300kilograms in addition to an approximate water capacity of 400litres.  The take home message here – the ice baths won’t buckle under pressure.

You’re probably thinking by now that strong, rigid and sturdy means super heavy.  That’s certainly not the case and once again, the ice baths have been engineered for maximum strength with minimum weight as imperative considerations.  Both the Compact unit and each Duo tub, with weights of 40 and 30kilograms respectively, are a two-person lift allowing for that all important feature of portability.  The Duo model is also stackable allowing for convenient transport and storage as required.

We’re still not really sure how the water from within bins or barrels is emptied after each ice bath but we can assure you that that’s not an issue with Pride on the Line ice baths.  The drainage port itself plays a number of important roles: the obvious primary feature is that it drains water via a threaded outlet, secondly you can attach a hose and fill the bath via the port hence filling the ice bath securely from the bottom up, or finally, it can act as a tap which allows you to attach an on/off style hose and drain to areas which aren’t necessarily within close proximity to the baths.

Ice bath personalization because we’re all unique

Because we all like a little control over our choice of products and because we’re all individuals, a final quirky feature is the colour selection option and logo branding as standard features to allow you to individualise your bath through the selection of any of the twelve popular colours.  Although it won’t affect your ice bath experience it adds a degree of patriotism and professionalism to any change room.

There really is no reason for any athlete to recover in makeshift, unsafe ice bath alternatives, regardless of their level of competition.  There is no need to expose yourself or others to unsafe practices which could hamper your chances of success by causing preventable injury.  The decision is simple, all you do need to do is make a sensible choice in order to enhance your ice bath recovery experience and allow Pride on the Line to take care of the rest.