So you’ve become accustomed to your regular ice bath at your training or game facility but now there’s a need to head off-site for a meet, a competition, a tournament.  In the back of your mind is the concern that you may not be able to maintain your recovery schedule – in particular your regular post exercise ice bath.  Fortunately for you there is an ever increasing trend to establish recovery zones or “recovery hubs” at such events in order to provide athletes with a one-stop shop for obtaining physio and chiropractic treatments, accessing replenishing and refuelling supplements and, of course, for taking that all important ice bath.  Essentially, access to such “ice baths” allows all participating athletes access to the recovery or preparatory tools which they would ordinarily be reliant on in their usual environments allowing everyone to be on an equal playing field, off the field at least.

Ice Baths the way you want them to be

Ice bathYou could argue that many athletes have access to their own support staff and equipment who are able provide these services and facilities to their own affiliates but for the many that can there are considerably more who can’t.  Consider the reserve teams, the community clubs, the amateur athletes, the weekend warriors or even the self sufficient elite athletes who are funding their own way to success.  Surely anyone who puts their heart and soul on the line for their sport deserves access to quality facilities?  We certainly think so which is why we regularly take the opportunity to play our part in the establishment of recovery zones and hubs by providing athletes access to our safe, portable and meticulously designed ice baths.  Whether for a handful of athletes or an army, we have you covered with the allowance for the recovery ice baths of up to six athletes at a time in a Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo!
Whether you prefer your ice bath to provide full or half body immersion, we have your bases covered.  Let’s even say, for arguments sake, that you prefer contrast therapy over cold water therapy.  Again, we have you covered with the Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Bath Duo’s dual tubs and common central step allowing for the safe and convenient transition from a cold ice baths to warm tub in a matter of seconds.
You might be thinking, “but what if we can’t access ice for the ice baths with the tournament running over several days in a remote area”?  Not a problem.  Our ice baths come with complete compatibility to a number of iCool chilling/heating units you can adjust the temperature accordingly or maintain it anywhere between 5 and 45 degrees Celsius.

We’re taking ice baths to the next level

Most recently Pride on the Line had the exciting opportunity to be part of the CrossFit Regional Games in Wollongong, Australia, supplying both a Compact ice bath and Duo ice bath unit and allowing for the ice bath recovery of up to nine athletes at any given time.  This was undertaken in conjunction with the Lou Ferguson RecoveryBar, a perfect example of the type of athlete recovery ice bath service we’re talking about.  Armed with 450 liter capacity tubs and iCool Compact Cool ice bath units, the Recovery Ice Baths were able to reach a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius within 15 minutes, making setup an absolute breeze.
The ice bath requirements of the athletes varied with some wanting ice baths between events during the course of a day whilst others preferred to have an ice bath only at the end of the day.  Similarly there were those who were specifically interested in ice bath or cold water immersion therapy whereas others were keen to utilise contrast water therapy.  Either way, we were able to accommodate both options.
The strategic and meticulous design of the Recovery Ice Baths also ensures that maximum benefit can be obtained through the hydrostatic pressure supplied by the vessels, adding an additional element to the potential recovery ice bath capacity.  The lack of “give” and curvaceous designs ensure that the ice baths are optimised in terms of both strength and weight which basically means – you’re being well looked after!  Regardless of whether you opt for a standing or seated position, you can be assured that the necessary recovery forces are working in your favor and the superior sizes of the ice baths ensure that you can be mobile to a degree whilst recovering – a functional feature lost on many comparable ice baths.

The ice baths that provide unique branding

Further to the obvious functional attributes of the Pride on the Line Recovery Ice Baths, the ice baths also provide a unique branding canvas on the copious amount of space on the front and rear of the ice bath units.  We know that sporting teams and clubs are traditionally very passionate and patriotic which is why all of the Recovery Ice Baths are uniquely branded to reflect this.  We also understand that brand awareness is an important factor, particularly in the sporting world where sponsorship is so important at all levels, from local to elite.  By branding the ice baths used at events you are able to magnify the brand presence significantly and vicariously engage in brand promotion to a targeted and specific audience.Consideration should also be given to the fact that having athletes in a static environment for a period of 5-15 minutes also introduces the opportunity for brand advertising or education on new or upcoming products.
Definitely some food for thought!